Active Grants
The following is a list of active projects that have been funded by the HMSA Foundation. Grants are listed alphabetically by organization.

After-School All-Stars Hawaii
One Hour a Day
To ensure socially and economically disadvantaged students in Title 1 middle schools achieve the recommended sixty minutes of physical activity every day. The program works with community partners to provide a variety of sports options for students.
1 year; ends 09/30/16; $25,000; ID#031502

Aloha Harvest
Reducing Food Insecurity: Food Rescue
To collect and deliver donated food to community organizations throughout Oahu that serve the needy, low income, and homeless individuals and families.
1 year; ends 09/30/16; $30,000; ID#031504

Aloha Medical Mission
The Honolulu Dental Clinic
To provide basic dental care and preventive education, continues the Welcome Smile program, and serves as a training facility for students who are interested in a health career.
1 year; ends 09/30/16; $25,000; ID#021508

American Cancer Society, Honolulu Unit
Hope Lodge Hawaii
To offer free temporary housing to Neighbor Island cancer patients and their caregivers when they travel to Honolulu for treatment. Hope Lodge Hawaii provides a comfortable, nurturing environment and access to quality care and support.
3 years; ends 09/30/16; $140,000; ID#021301/#031501

Five Mountains Hawaii
Ulupono Project
To help Native Hawaiians achieve better health and well-being by inspiring, informing, instructing, and helping them integrate lessons into their lifestyle.
1 year; ends 09/30/16; $50,000; ID#NH-021502

Hamakua Health Center
Patient Care Coordinator
To better execute the Patient-Centered Medical Home model while delivering efficient primary health care that encourages patients to take a responsible and proactive role in their health.
1 year; ends 09/30/16; $75,360; ID#021503

Hawaii Meth Project
Strengthening Hawaii's Keiki
To empower youth to make the right choice when confronted with peer pressure to try meth.
1 year; ends 02/29/16; $50,000; ID#011507

Hawaii Youth Services Network
Bullying Prevention in Parks Program
To establish a comprehensive anti-bullying program.
1 year; ends 03/31/16; $70,250; ID#041401

Hawaii Fire Department
Community Outreach/EMS Response Vehicle
The Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Bureau of the Hawaii Fire Department has expanded its role in public outreach, injury prevention, and education. EMS now supports the Hawaii Fire Department's EMT and paramedic students during their training in Hilo and on Oahu, educates the community on fall prevention, provides CPR training, and raises awareness of stroke and cardiac emergencies. The grant supports community outreach, education, emergency response, and a subsidy for the cost of a vehicle.
1 year; ends 07/02/14; $35,000; ID#021306

Hawaii Foodbank
Ohana Produce Plus Program
To collect, deliver, and distribute fresh produce and food to 20 underserved communities on Oahu.
1 year; ends 12/31/14; $20,000; ID#041311

Help, Understanding & Support
Hospital Visitation Program
To connect families of seriously ill children with staff and volunteers who provide valuable resources to help them through challenging times.
1 year; ends 06/25/14; $25,000; ID#011312

Hoa 'Aina O Makaha
Improving Helathy Behaviors in Waianae
To improve health, prevent chronic disease, and encourage a healthier community for Waianae Coast children and their families through place-based education in Makaha.
1 year; ends 12/31/14; $75,000; ID#041313

Kahi Mohala Behavioral Health
Challenge Course Community Access Program
A recreational therapy resource which provides a life-changing experience in the context of a functioning group, helping adolescents learn to overcome personal challenges and dysfunctional behavior.
5 years; ends 1/31/15; $50,000; ID#020604

Kokua Kalihi Valley Health Center
Kalihi 'Aina to Table
A culturally-based building project that connects low-income families to nutritious food through 'aina (land) and culture.
1 year; ends 01/14/15; $42,045; ID#041316

Laulima Eco-Friendly Alliance of Farms Hawaii
Kalaniwai Farm Project
To give Waimanalo the opportunity to learn about Hawaiian medicinal plants, the practice of la'au lapa'au, and growing fresh foods. A keiki kupuna learning garden helps pass knowledge to the next generation.
1 year; ends 09/23/14; $8,000; ID#NH-031304

Life Foundation
Stand Up to HIV
A new campaign that empowers the Native Hawaiian, Asian, and Pacific Islander communities to get tested for HIV. The campaign raises awareness about lifesaving case management services and teaches how to prevent the spread of the disease.
1 year; ends 11/01/14; $30,000; ID#031312

Niu Valley Community Association
Niu Valley Playground Equipment Project
To support the installation of playground equipment and provide a safe play environment for children in the community.
1 year; ends 09/30/14; $5,000; ID#010827

Papa Ola Lokahi
Access to Specialized Healthcare
To provide neighbor island residents who travel to Oahu for specialized medical care an airfare, transportation, referrals, and services such as psychological and social guidance.
1 year; ends 06/30/14; $39,568; ID#NH-031206

The Queen's Medical Center
Ahonui Group Cessation Intervention
An intensive six-week tobacco intervention program for Native Hawaiians, pregnant patients, and those diagnosed with a chronic disease.
1 year; ends 12/31/14; $29,999; ID#NH-041302

Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific Foundation
Building Capacity and Improving Outcomes for Patients with Neurological Vision Impairments
To bring the latest and most effective neurological vision therapy to Hawaii by establishing the first and only Vision Clinic in an acute rehabilitation setting.
1 year; ends 06/30/14; $56,000; ID#021111

University of Hawai`i Foundation
Hawaii Nursing Simulation Center
A project of the University of Hawaii, School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene to create the Hawaii Nursing Simulation Center as a statewide resource to address the ongoing need for nursing clinical and workforce education. The intent of the grant is to increase the professional nurse's ability to ensure patient safety; assess competency; build advanced technical skills; and develop decision-making abilities of nurses and other healthcare providers.
5 years; ends 06/04/14; $500,000; ID#020925

University of Hawai`i, JABSOM
Family Medicine Rural Training Program
Development of a family medicine rural training program in Hilo.
3 years; ends 2/28/10; $553,678; ID#010716