What We Look For
Most likely to be funded:
  • Research projects
  • Demonstration projects
  • Organizational or community capacity building efforts
  • Start-up programs
Less likely to be funded:
  • Start-up organizations
  • Event support
Unlikely to be funded:
  • General program support
  • General organizational support
  • Capital improvement projects
  • “Emergency” support
Particular consideration will be given to projects that exhibit the following characteristics. Please note that the grantmaking process is so competitive, that even declined proposals often contain one or more of these elements:
  • Have clear, logical, realistic plans
  • Are led by strong, proven organizations and individuals
  • Already have support of key stakeholders (clients, community, intended partners, etc.)
  • Leverage HMSA Foundation funds to acquire or match grants from outside of Hawai`i
  • Employ an innovative approach to a defined problem
  • Suggest opportunities for replication
  • Have realistic plans for long-term sustainability
  • Build an organization’s own capacity to carry out its mission in the future
  • Advance the quality of health care in Hawai`i